Digital Human Platform

Bring your digital assistant to life.

Digital Humans.

 Realistic 3D avatars that feel like interacting with a real person.

Digital human with customisable look and behaviour
Customizable look and behavior
3D integration of assets
Fully 3D - integrate with your assets
Human-like behaviour powered by AI
Human-like behavior, powered by AI
Next generation AI technology

State-of-the-art neural networks for human behavior

Our machine learning models create realistic 3D animations with automatic lip sync, facial expressions, eye contact, and gestures.

Completely automatic, it only requires text or audio as input.

Support for most common languages.

Works with any existing assistant: audio in, video stream out.
Stunning 3D graphics

Beautiful images on any device.

We use AAA gaming technology to render videos in real-time on the cloud —
this ensures the highest image quality on every device.

We work with world-class 3D artists and 3D engineers to create stunning avatars.
User interface of the future

Interact naturally.

Talk face-to-face with chatbots and smart assistants like you would with a real person.

Our avatar technology adds an emotional component to audio assistants: eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures allow for a more connected user experience.

The digital human platform can be embedded anywhere, and it is ready for the AR/VR era.
Enterprise features

Ready to be integrated, anywhere.

Embed on any connected display device:
  • Kiosk systems (reception, in-store)
  • Smart TV, mobile apps, web-pages
  • It can be integrated even into high-end 3D gaming engines

Integration made easy:
  • API-based with WebRTC streaming video
  • Low latency and real-time
  • Unlimited scalability using cloud- and stream-based protocols
  • Operated as managed service


Customer care iOS and Android integration

Customer care

Avatar reveals fund’s daily investment decisions and market trends. Actual iOS and Android integration for client in private investment banking.
Front-end fot chatbot and digital assistants for Web and Smart TVs

Digital assistant

Front-end for chatbot and digital assistants for Web and Smart TVs, can provide first-level support or answer general questions.
3D health and fitness coach

3D health coach

3D health and fitness coach giving real-time guidance and feedback. Integration into Magic Leap AR glasses for client in health insurance sector.
E-learning with digital human


Interactive learning experience with avatars that can not only talk, but use gestures and embedded 3D content to explain complex material.
Flight check-in

In-store kiosk systems

Embed a friendly 3D avatar that makes store check-out or flight check-in more intuitive and enjoyable.
Digital signage interaction

Digital signage

Take stationary advertisements to the next level by letting customers interact with your digital brand ambassador.

Checkout some of our client integrations

Meet the team

Experienced entrepreneurs, proven technology leaders.

Simon Heinzle

Simon Heinzle

CEO & Founder

Raised $1M in previous startup ”Crowd”.

Code Lane: from 0 to 10 people in 1 year.

Ph.D. from ETH Zurich

Manuel Lang

Manuel Lang


Former CTO of ETH-spinoff “Crowd”

Expert in video and 3D rendering tech.

Ph.D. from ETH Zurich & Disney Research Zurich

Nico Ranieri

Nico Ranieri


Formerly at Virtual Reality startup Sensoryx, responsible for bringing hand tracking deep tech to product stage.

Ph.D. from ETH Zurich & Disney Research Zurich

Carolina Ferrari

Carolina Ferrari

Digital Artist
Wouter De Keersmaecker

Wouter De Keersmaecker

Graphics Software Engineer
Pedro Edo

Pedro Edo

Software Developer
Ilya Savchenko

Ilya Savchenko

Software Developer
Erica Alcusa Sáez

Erica Alcusa Sáez

Senior Software Developer
Evgeniya Tokareva

Evgeniya Tokareva

Software Developer
Julie Heinzle

Julie Heinzle

Office Manager
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